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Add traceability links as a column in Jira issue search screen

*As a* Tester, I'd like greater integration of TM4J with JIRA Issues view.

*So that* we can utilise JIRA filters for dashboards more efficiently to quickly check traceability and coverage and to be able to export requirements list in excel (using xporter) and be able to see the linked tests.

At the moment we are using JIRA filter queries to create two filters and putting those on the Dashboard e.g. hasTestCoverage() and Not in hasTestCoverage()

*This is done* - when we can see the following columns in JIRA issues;

(TM4J) Test Cases
(TM4J) Test Cycles
Test Cycle Status
(TM4J) Test Plan
Test Plan Status

  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Jul 6 2020
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