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Ability to enlarge images inserted into text fields

In jira if you click on an image in a comment the image expands so you can view an enlarged version of the image. I think this would be very helpful in helping us validate test results.

  • Zsolt Szabó
  • Jul 30 2022
  • New
As a... QA Manager
I would like... to enlarge images insterted into any text fields of test case
So that I... can view the details of the screenshots directly through the test case itself
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  • Dom C commented
    16 Sep 04:55pm

    This is a baseline UX improvement for test execution that I'm honestly astonished has been overlooked from the start. :(

    Who thought having pictures in test cases that you can't click on at all AND doesn't zoom in / maintain your place in the test case was a good idea to roll out???

  • Dom C commented
    16 Sep 04:53pm

    Same as https://zephyr-scale-server-dc.ideas.aha.io/ideas/TM4JS-I-261 but with better usability details.