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Export all test cases from one cycle

We were running our tests on Squad for quite some time. At the time of delivery of our product, I used to export all the test cases that we used during the testing of that release as an xml.

Then I delivered the xml to the customer together with the rest of the documentation. Since every test case had a Jira solution version it was easy to filter out the test cases in Jira in order to know which testcases to export to xml in the first place.

Now we switched to Scale, and I cannot do the same here (Support and Community are out of working ideas).

In the cycle I see all the testcases we used and can select them too, but I cannot export to xml from here. In the overview of test cases on the other hand I can export the cases to xml, but I cannot filter on the solution version because that version is a trait of a test cycle and not the testcase.

So now the request to include this option.

  • Patrick Bass
  • Jun 22 2022
  • New
As a... Test Manager
I would like... to export all test cases from one test cycle
So that I... can deliver them to my customer
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