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API Enhancement Request - get all issues assigned to that test cycle

Hi Team,

We are requesting an exposed API where we can pull issue numbers traceable to a cycle. The API should return the issue ids that are associated to a single cycle.
Currently we now we have a "workaround" to pull the history of a cycle via an internal API Eg: https://jira-jdc-t2.devtools.intel.com/rest/tests/1.0/testrun/${cycleId}/history.

We want to get all the issues id under a test cycle.


Mohammed Inayath Sheik

  • Guest
  • May 25 2022
  • New
As a... Jira Admin
I would like... to get all issues assigned to that test cycle
So that I... to get all details of test cycle
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  • Christoph Beer commented
    30 May 12:18pm

    its a similar request to TM4JS-I-536.

    Currently "issueKey" only hold the last linked (and still existing) issue.
    It would be great to have a list of linked issues here instead.