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Extend built in functions in JQL with method for finding test Plans

A JIRA object with Zephyre as test management tool can have three type of objects conncted under the Traceability section. Test Case, Test Cycle or Test Plan. JQL supports today built in functions to find connected Test Cases (hasTestCoverage()) and Test Cycles (hasLinkedTestCycle()), but not connected Test Plans. If you want to monitor that your items has evidence of tests connected, you have to first filter out those that have test cases and/or test cycles, and for the remaining list, for each item, check, using the API, if there exist a test plan with issueKeys IN <item>:

<root url>/testplan/search?query=issueKeys%20IN%20("<item>")

If there exist a built in function also for connected test plans, the API is more complete, and much more easy to find the data needed.

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  • Apr 29 2022
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As a... QA Manager
I would like... to be able to find epics that has connected test plans
So that I... can validate that we have test evidence on items before we close them.
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