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Export test cases from the API in an executable format by resolving parameters and Call To Test calls within a test case

Currently the Call to Tests are missing from the test case when it is exported, so you don't even have a clue that there is a whole test missing there. The parameters just have links that probably work within Scale, but outside of it only yield what the paramter's name is.

I tried looking at the execution exports as well, but those just tell you what step passed and what step failed. They do not cover test step details. But ultimately I want to be able to export something that looks like an execution does with the call to tests expanded and all the parameters resolved. This could potentially be resolved by exporting the executions with their steps in them or by fixing the test case export to support paramters and call to tests.

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  • Mar 8 2022
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As a... Test Engineer
I would like... The REST API to support test exports that include the data of the parameters and includes all the steps from tests that are called into a test case. I want it to look like how the executions looks inside of JIRA by expanding the tests and showing the test parameter data itself
So that I... Can export the test cases so that anyone could execute the test.
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