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Ability to update test cases in bulk via the import CSV function.

Due to changes in requirements / scope. It'd be extremely useful for us as testers to export any number of test cases into Excel, make the changes we need to, then import back into Zephyr. At the moment it can be a laborious task to go through each test case and make the minor to major changes to the test steps, expected results etc. If we could change these using Excel and it's very useful set of tools, it'd make our like much easier.

  • Tom Dalston
  • Feb 24 2022
  • New
As a... QA Manager
I would like... To be update a suite of test cases by exporting into an CSV file, then importing back into Zephyr.
So that I... Can make changes easier and quicker via Excel. Using the 'Key' column can be used to identify the test cases to update.
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