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Improve selection of Test Cases placed in different folders

We want to select test cases from different directories and then make action for all of these tests (bulk update or add into test cycle, or export etc..).
Now it is hard to do – selection in specific directory dropped off if you change directory.
So we want either

1. to be able to keep selection in different folders when we change folder to select another tests.

2. OR - having ability to show folder for each test in like in attached screenshot. I.e. for each test to see the path to it like “Folder1/Subfolder1”.

3. OR - having ability to filter by several folders (with OR condition). Now Filtering by folder shows "None" and "All" only :(

  • Evgeny Gvozdev
  • Feb 13 2022
  • New
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to be able easily search/select Test Cases placed in difefrent folders
So that I... add them all to Test Cycle/bulk update/export etc
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