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Add ad-hoc (from Jira issue) run results filter to Reports

Now it is impossible to see the whole picture if some test executions are part of Test Cycle and some test executions run directly from Jira issue.
We suggest a couple of ways to fix it.

First: simply add to the reports Filter an option like “Add ad-hoc Test Executions of Related Tests”. See first-adhoc attach.

Second: (see second-adhoc attach.)
1. To add into ALL reports generation Custom Filter section Test Executions (now Test Executions present only in Test execution reports)
2. In Test Executions section of Filter add the “filed” like “Related to Chosen Tests”
This way one can
1. Choose Test Plan, or Test Cycles , or jira issues or Test cases in other sections of Filter, so the set of related to selected items test cases will be determined
2. Choose “field” “Related to Chosen Tests” in section Test Executions – and ALL related to elected tests (Cycles, or ad-hoc) will be chosen

Or it maybe implemented in other way. The point – to be able to show in one report (all type of reports) results of test executions run in Test Cycles and ad-hoc runs.

  • Evgeny Gvozdev
  • Feb 13 2022
  • New
As a... Test Manager
I would like... to see in the reports the whole test execution results for specific test cases, including results run from Test Cycles and results run from the jira issue
So that I... have the complete and correct picture for speicifc test cases
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