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I want the ability to restore zephyr scale data records associated with a given jira project

In our organisation, it already happenend several times that a user deleted the "wrong" element and caused damage like the deletion of a large subtree instead of a single folder.

Currently there are only options available like a full Jira restore which will inflict additional thousands of users where a major part does not even work with zephyr scale.

Severe user mistakes are typically correlated with action that modify more then one object, so a specific action that damages the system cannot be specified. A restore of the data bound to a specific jira project would have helped in any case that occurred at our premises.

  • Hans-Walter Klewitz
  • Jan 14 2022
  • New
As a... Jira Admin
I would like... to create backups exclusive for zephyr scale data based on a schedule and restore these data just for given jira projects when needed.
So that I... have an option to correct severe mistakes from testers
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