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Zephyr Scale Server API : Get Links from Test Cycle and Test Case

  • praditya wahyu
  • Dec 23 2021
  • New
As a... Jira Admin
I would like... get links of linked issue in test cycle & test case from Zephyr Scale API
So that I... can get all information related linked issue to that test cycle or test case
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  • Christoph Beer commented
    10 Feb 11:36am

    In Zephyr Scale Server there is a field "issueLink" in the response which provides a linked issue.
    But it sends only the latest added link (or nothing if the latest one was removed, see TMJSUP-9363).

    So as this functionality is not usable for me I would highly appreciate if you could add the /v2/testcycles/{testCycleIdOrKey}/links functionality to Server version as well.

    Adding a links section like in getTestCycle (Cloud) would be Ok for, I do not require a separate REST Enpoint to get Links, but it would help me as well.