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Allow custom fields added on Test Executions to be mandatory

We use custom fields on Test Executions as an alternative to Environments (which are too simplistic). We use these custom fields to capture information about the versions of product elements tested during the Test Execution.

These fields cannot be marked as mandatory just now. This means we cannot enforce our testers capture this information as they execute tests.

The result is that we lose traceability of exactly which versions a tester tested when they executed the tests.

  • Julian Palmer
  • Oct 1 2021
  • New
As a... QA Manager
I would like... A setting to allow custom fields added in Test Execution to be mandatory
So that I... can enforce a tester captures the information required for future traceability
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  • Evgeny Gvozdev commented
    13 Feb 09:00am

    Yes, it is a problem - we also need to have ability to make Custome fields mandatory in during Executions. Note - there is another request to make ANY field mandatory, so I guess it includes custom fields and Execution screens as well... https://zephyr-scale-server-dc.ideas.aha.io/ideas/TM4JS-I-238

  • Julian Palmer commented
    3 Dec, 2021 12:38pm

    I am surprised others dont find this an issue as well. We use these fields to capture the specific build numbers of the product components that the test was executed against. This is too detailed to store in Environments.

    Without this information we do not know which build a tester ran against.

    It does seem to me the lack of the mandatory setting on test execution custom fields is an oversight rather than deliberate design. After all, its there on test cases.

    Does anyone else have this same problem? Perhaps there is another way...