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Add Milestones within a Test Plan

In a medium / large project, we have tests comprising :

  1. testing new features

  2. testing modified pre-existing features

  3. regression tests of existing functionality

Testing a new feature may need to do aspects of all these. To plan this we would have re-usable test cases, and test cycles for the feature that are based off those re-usable test cases with some new ones. These are shared across QA engineers who will execute those cycles. We want to trackprogressand report at this feature level.

In addition, we want to be able to drive interim milestones into the testing to set targets and track progress to those targets. Those milestones would also comprise test cycles and executions, where coverage of the product will build through the milestones to a full test. Again we want to track progress and graph at the milestone level.

Finally we also want to track progress / report at the plan level where the milestones all contribute.

To achieve this we think:

  • Test cycles could usefully be hierarchical. ie I can create a test cycle for the milestone, that inclues feature test cycles.

  • Add milestones within a test plan. These milestones would contain views of the overall test plan and be reportable in themselves.

  • Julian Palmer
  • Aug 30 2021
  • New
As a... Test Lead
I would like... to be able to define milestones for test within a test plan, that include different test cycles / cases
So that I... Can iteratively drive the test plan execution and track at a milestone level
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