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search older test cases versions too

Say we have a test case (T477) with two active versions, say 1.0 for the current product (2020.1.02) and the other 2.0 for the next release (2021.1). We use a custom field to store the applicable product version number. See screenshots 1&2.

If we search the last defined applicable product version, we get the result as expected : T477v2.0. See screenshot 3.

If we search the previously defined applicable product version, we would like to get the result : T477v1.0. At the present time we don't : see screenshot 4.

  • Julien Mallard
  • Aug 4 2021
  • New
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to be able to search older test case versions too
So that I... can retrieve test cases corresponding to old criteria values (e.g. the applicable product versions)
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  • Olesya commented
    11 Oct, 2021 04:31pm

    I'll give one more example to support this Story.

    1. Create a test (TC-1) & assign the label to it (label_1).

    2. Create new version of the same & change the label (remove label_1, add label_2).

    3. Go to Tests screen & search for Labels = label_1.

    Expected: Previous versions of the test having label_1 (ex. TC-1) are returned.

    Actual: TC-1 isn't returned.

    Once previous versions of tests are found (by search criteria), there should be an ability to pull those previous versions into the cycle. This needs to be thought thru as well, because right now Tests screen only displays tests (their last version) but not versions. Even is search thru previous versions would be working - there should be an ability to return not (only) tests (having those versions) but actual versions themselves, so that they can be pick for the cycle in bulk.