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I want to output only the information related to the test cycle executed in the project when viewing the traceability report.

We have made a lot of progress since introducing the zephyr scale in April
I want to statisticize the defect quantity by linking customer requirements and test cases.

  • jira task issue(requirment)

  • Testcase (task coverage)

  • jira defect issue(bug)

Please let me know if there is another way

Defect seems to show the overall status.

Is it possible to inquire only the Defect New status?

Is it possible to inquire only the Defect New status?

I am afraid it is not possible. You will be able to see all the defects regardless of their statuses.

I need traceability report information for specific cycle execution results. However, if the filter is cycled, all requirements are output. Is there a way?

I am afraid this is not possible as well. You would need to choose between:

  1. having all the information under a Test Cycle, which will include all the Requirements linked to Test Cases

  2. or all the information under the requirements, which will include all the Test Cycles linked to the Test Cases

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  • Jul 21 2021
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As a... QA Manager
I would like... I hope it will be improved.
So that I... The ability to track test items against customer requirements is a very good feature.
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