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Reporting - Execution Report for cycle to show Rows created using Data Driven Design as separate test case

When we build test cases using the Data Driven Test Design where the number of rows created under test cases in execution cycle based on number of rows we have in data table used. So if eg we create a Business Rules testing with 10 rows and execute them the final count in current Execution Report score card is 1 and not 10 as all 10 rows are considered as 1 TC

  • Rajmani Parthasarathy
  • Jun 22 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... QA Manager
I would like... Test execution scorecard by component to consider each row in Tesc case using Data Driven Design Approach as separate Test Case
So that I... I can show the right number of test cases actual executed in a Test Cycle as part of Management Reporting
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