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Traceability matrix view on the Kanban Board in Jira

Testers and QA Manger in my organisation would like to strengthen collaboration and transparency within Agile teams, what is an essence of high-performing Agile teams. To improve the prioritization and making decision, each requirement like: Feature, User Story and tasks should be clearly tagged on the Kanban Board if at least one test is connected to the requirement, if so, what is the outcome from last test execution associated to the requirement.

In short:

Requirement Statuses could behave with following logic:

  • 'CONFIDENT' – requirement has been successfully and fully validated; all the Tests associated with the Requirement are PASSED

  • 'RISKY' – requirement is unsuccessfully validated; at least one Test associated with the Requirement is FAILED

  • 'UNDER EVALUATION'– requirement has not been validated completely; at least one Test associated with the Requirement is TODO or ABORTED and there are no Tests with status FAILED

  • 'UNCOVERED' – requirement is not covered with tests; the Requirement has no Tests associated with it

  • Piotr Wilkowski
  • Jun 11 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Other
I would like... see on Kanban Boards in Jira view which requirements have been covered by test(s), if so, what is the outcome from test execution on the given requirement
So that I... entire Agile Team and Product Owner has inside into clear picture on residual risks and quality of developing features and user stories
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  • Magdalena Martyniak commented
    22 Jun, 2021 08:16am
    I am also voting for this idea. That's what I really like about Xray solution. Seeing test traceability status on the board would improve "orientation" around tasks not only for QA but for the whole team.
  • Guest commented
    17 Jun, 2021 11:46am

    I was recently talking about similar feature in my team and we all agreed that something like this would be a very useful functionality from our testing perspective. It is great that we are not alone.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun, 2021 09:43am

    Hi David,
    I'd like to see the test traceability status on the kanban cards placed on kanban dashboards, similarly as Xray provide this information - see the print screen.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun, 2021 09:40am

  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    16 Jun, 2021 09:27am

    You mean you want to see this information direclyt in the card view, or just a sum up of the traceability view in the issue panel?