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Create data sets for folder

I would like to set data sets at the project or folder level so I can share the sets across multiple test cases.

I am happy when I can select project-level (maybe TC folder or organization-level ?) defined data to apply on a test step (including calls to tests) while writing scenarios

  • Julien Mallard
  • Apr 28 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Engineer
I would like... folder/project/organization defined datasets
So that I... can use same folder/project/organization-level data into several test cases more easily
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  • Julien Mallard commented
    16 Jun, 2021 10:02am

    Yes indeed. I was focusing on the initial data grid idea, but you are right, there are project level defined dataset already (but as lists of values instead of grids).

  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    16 Jun, 2021 09:23am

    I guess that this one is actually more for folder since you can already create a data set at the project level. Correct?

  • Julien Mallard commented
    1 Jun, 2021 09:41am

    Deal, David : I refocused this one on the data definition levels and enhanced it to include organization datasets too, plus a second one about "matrix datasets" : TM4JS-I-461

  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    27 May, 2021 08:16am

    We might need to make it 2 ideas then. I'll keep this one for defining data sets at project or folder level. Can you create a new idea for multi-dimensional datasets?

  • Julien Mallard commented
    6 May, 2021 12:25pm

    At project (should be) or folder level (could be), yes. But the main concern is about having multi-dimensional datasets

  • Admin
    David Lechevalier commented
    6 May, 2021 08:13am

    Let me just make sure I understand. You would like to be able to set up data sets at project of folder level so they can be used in any test case that included in the given project/folder. Is that correct?