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Extend Rest API to allow creation of Jira issue traceability links to test cycles

At our organisation we run a large number of automated cucumber tests in Jenkins and use the existing automations/cucumber/ api to upload the results to our Data Centre instance of Zephyr Scale. Unfortunately, this does not update the relevant Jira issue so it is not possible to see the status of the test executions that are relevant to the Jira issue inline. This coupled with the automatic generation of a test cycle name as Automated Build mean that we have no way to identify a test cycle as evidence that a story is tested and ready for release.

Previously we were using the cloud version of Zephyr scale and this functionality was present so we were able to do the automated linking, in moving to the datacentre version we have lost a capability we previously relied on.

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  • Apr 15 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Lead
I would like... To be able to add a Jira issue link to an existing test cycle (created by the cucumber automation rest api)
So that I... Can automatically update a Jira issue with the results of automated test execution run in an external CI server (Jenkins)
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    David Lechevalier commented
    16 Apr, 2021 11:48am

    Hello, I am going to gather interest on this to see if more users need this capability on DataCenter. I will also check with the dev team.