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Import Testlink ghost steps as shared steps

While importing some Testlink projects into Zephyr Scale I noticed that ghost steps in Testlink are imported as is in Zephyr, so that in it the steps show the [ghost] tags instead of the referenced step instructions.

I understand that Testlink's ghost steps provide the same functionality as Zephyr's shared steps. So, it would be great if Zephyr's import wizard could import Testlink ghost steps as Zephy's shared steps.

The particular project where I noticed the problem has 383 ghost steps in it. Understandably, my users are reluctant to fix all these steps by hand in order to be able to use Zephyr. ;)

  • Gustavo Chaves
  • Mar 11 2021
  • Future consideration
As a... Jira Admin
I would like... To import Testlink ghost steps as Zephyr Scale shared steps
So that I... I can take advantage of shared steps in Zephyr Scale
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