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As a user, I want customer fields to be copied when I import test cases from other projects

I have 2 JIRA projects with 2 custom fields; both single choice select lists.

I have a set of test cases in Project1 with these 2 custom fields filled in

In Project2, I select 'Import from other projects', map fields (custom fields do not display in this list), choose to include attachments and links, and complete the copy.

The 2 custom fields are empty for the copied test cases in Project2. I have to set them manually.

All field values, including custom field, values should carry over during import

  • Ayoola Ogunsola
  • Jan 26 2021
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Engineer
I would like... custom fields copied over when importing from other project
So that I... can import the entire test case
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