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Show test case attachments for call to test steps in the test player

At the moment, I have a step by step test which groups a bunch of other tests together via 'Call to test' (Gherkin in my case). For some of these tests, they have images attached to the test case. The images are for manual testing so we need to be able to reference them when executing tests.

However when viewing them in a test player, the attachments for each step are not shown. We need to actually view the attachments by going into the test case view and checking the files there which is not efficient.

You can refer to the attached images for more information. testplayer.png shows the step but does not show the attachments associated with that test case. testplayerattachment.png shows an example of a test in the test player (not step by step) that has the attachments on it.

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  • Nov 2 2020
  • Gathering Interest
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to see attachments for a 'Call to Test' step in the test player
So that I... can execute tests efficiently by having the files ready at hand
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  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    6 Nov, 2020 10:05am

    Thanks for this feedback, Phil. I've moved it to Gathering Interest so we can see if this is something other people are interested in.