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Navigate in test cycle by folder

Now navigation through the test run is awful, it's very difficult to work. The best navigation solution is made in testrail. I would like to have something like this here, or at least be able to quickly navigate through folders or tags..

  • Andrey Samoylov
  • Oct 20 2020
  • Not for now
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to be able to filter test cases by folders or tags
So that I... I can quickly select the desired folder
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  • Andrey Samoylov commented
    17 Dec, 2020 02:08pm

    We are using Zephyr Scale 8.0.0.

    The ability to collapse all is very much needed on the player page https://support.smartbear.com/zephyr-scale-server/docs/_images/test-cycles/run-02.png

    Аnd everything I wrote refers to this page

  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    14 Dec, 2020 11:38am

    Thanks Andrey,

    For the folders, are you using the latest version of the server app? There have been some changes to the folder system (you can see them in the notes here https://support.smartbear.com/zephyr-scale-server/docs/release-notes/v7.html).

    You can use the top panel to collapse all the folders and search for a folder name there.

    For filtering with the test player (where you execute the tests), you'd like to be able to filter by tags?



  • Andrey Samoylov commented
    11 Dec, 2020 03:17pm

    I am sorry for the long answer.

    1) In my opinion, the best solution is to use the folder navigation as in test cases, but leave the right side unchanged.

    2) It's also nice to add the ability to collapse all folders.

    3) And in this task, I wrote what needs to be added on the page https://support.smartbear.com/zephyr-scale-server/docs/_images/test-cycles/run-05.png the ability to filter by tags like hear https://support.smartbear.com/zephyr-scale-server/docs/_images/test-cycles/cyc-09.png

    If you add point 2 to the interface, then this will be enough and will greatly simplify life.

  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    5 Nov, 2020 10:44am

    Hi Andrey,

    I'm unable to progress this idea until I have a better understanding. I'll move it to another status for now and await your response.



  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    30 Oct, 2020 11:58am

    Hey Andrey,

    To be clear, you'd like to be able to filter test cases or cycles by folder/tags? You've said "to find the desired folder". Is the case that you have many folders and it's time consuming to find the right one for your test cases? Or do you want to select test cases/cycles for multiple folders at once?

    I appreciate the extra info. It'll help me to plan better for the improvement in the future.