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Better folder organizing and add folder search capabilities

We are migrating tens of thousands of test cases from PTC Integrity to Jira using TM4J. We have projects that exceed 100 and even 200 folders where test cases are organized. The import tool leaves the order of the folders less than desirable, regardless of how they are ordered in the csv. It can become difficult to locate a specific folder in this pane with that many to look through. Yes we can organize them manually, but there should be a way to organize them alphabetically without needing to do this manually. Doing this manually is terribly time consuming with projects containing over 100 folders, plus is prone to human error. If we could please have a way to auto sort in alphabetical order, search for a specific folder, and a way to do a test case search for all test cases in a folder (you currently allow a search for test cases not in a folder?!?), this would dramatically increase our performance in this plugin.

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  • Oct 14 2020
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As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to be able to sort folders in left hand paneautomatically(alphabetically), search for a specific folder in the folder pane on the left side, and be able to search for all test cases in a pescific folder
So that I... locate folders or test cases in a specific folder faster in projects that have a larger number of folders(100+ folders)
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  • Julian Palmer commented
    7 Oct, 2021 08:26pm

    I would also like to be able to find all folders which are empty (no sub-folder or test case entry present) to identify work that is missing.