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Call-to test name/key at execution flow

Right now we either puting dummy step with a bolded name of test case or split scenario into separate cases within a cycle. The former is waste of time, the latter breaks down reusability and paramaters usage

  • Arseny Krasikov
  • Sep 9 2020
  • Gathering Interest
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to see which test case a step belongs to at execution
So that I... can understand that execution flow between different cases and my current point of progress
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  • Guest commented
    2 Nov, 2020 01:36pm

    This is definitely needed, when I am in the test player, it doesn't show the test case name for each step. That's like looking at a bookshelf full of books with no names, you have to look at the test script carefully to see what it does.

    The main benefits of having it there are:

    1. Devs and testers can quickly identify which tests failed just by the test case name

    2. Testers can easily search and fix the test script if there is something wrong with it

  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    18 Sep, 2020 09:16am

    Thanks for this feedback. When you say "understand the execution flow", how would this help you on a daily basis?

  • Joshua Hähnel commented
    11 Sep, 2020 08:42am

    This is something, we have been requesting for a while now. For a keyword driven approach to test cases, this is very important.

  • zeshan dar commented
    10 Sep, 2020 05:55am

    I like it too