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Expand/Collapse All for Groups in Test Player

The grouping feature in the test player is a great tool for structuring test executions. But sometimes (especially for group by tester) there can be a lot of groups with lots of test cases each. Navigating to the correct group can be tiresome for testers. An option to expand/collpase all would greatly increase the usability of the grouping feature.

Example for group by tester:

Say a tester is on vacation but has a few test executions due while he/she is away. Those executions are tucked away in a big test cycle with lots of test cases and assigned testers.

Now, the tester assigned as a holiday replacement needs to go to that test cycle and execute those test cases. Since they are not assigned to him/her, he/she groups the test cases in the test player by tester and looks for the right group. Since there are a lot of testers and even more test cases, this takes some time.

By adding the option to expand and collapse all groups at once, this could be improved.

  • Joshua Hähnel
  • Sep 4 2020
  • Gathering Interest
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... to be able to expand/collapse all groups in the test player at once.
So that I... can quickly navigate to the correct group.
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  • lawny law commented
    13 Jul, 2021 08:22am

    Group by folder is a hell of a mess without that feature. Should be done from the very beginning!

  • Admin
    Deita Howard commented
    11 Sep, 2020 04:52pm

    Thanks for the ideas, Joshua!

    I've moved them to Gathering Interest to let them generate votes. Will review if as they increase or if this fits with our future plans :)