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As a test writer, I want to copy multiple test steps between test cases (inc. Call-to-Test steps)

A lot of times test cases are similar in a way that certain sequences reoccur across different test cases. In part, this can be solved by using keyword modules but sometimes this isn't enough. Sometimes the tester wants to copy a sequence of steps (normal or call-to-test) from one test case to another. This would save a lot of time creating similar test cases compared to the current options of cloning whole test cases (with lots of steps xou don't need) or creating the new test case from scratch.

  • Joshua Hähnel
  • Sep 4 2020
  • Gathering Interest
As a... Test Engineer
I would like... to be able to copy multiple consecutive test steps from one test case to another.
So that I... can re-use certain sequences of test steps without having to clone the whole test case.
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  • Jonathan Stewart commented
    7 Oct, 2020 07:18pm

    Also we should be able to edit the copied test steps and it only updates a specific test and not all tests that have those specific test steps.