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Allow to set assignee in reportings to currentUser()

Since we are a very large team and have longer release cycles we also create a lot of test cases that will end up in the same cycle. The reportings therfore tend to get very large and get hard to read especially for testers who only need to see their own cases, executions and results.

The custom query that the macros have at the moment only allows to set the assignee to one specific user. It would be a great feature if it was possible to set the value for assignee to the currentUser() method that confluence provides.

I added a screenshot and marked the area where I would expect to find the setting.

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  • Aug 7 2020
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As a... Test Lead
I would like... to set the assignee in reportings to currentUser()
So that I... can allow testers to see only their own test cases, executions and results
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