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As a user, I want the ability to update test scripts (Row level) for test execution status.

*As a User* TM4J should have the ability to update Test Scripts (Row level) for test execution status.


As shown in below example, when a test case is designed in a data-driven approach (with columns, data table having multiple rows, values),


During execution time, as we see above, we have Row wise test execution dynamically created where we either can update overall test case level or steps level within each row (Row1, Row2, Row3…).

*I want* Row-level updates, so it will be easy to mark pass/fail for whole test script row level

*So that,* we could have visibility for overall iteration (row-level) whether a test pass or not and Avoid dependency to check step level results each time.


*Note*: As a User, I want the same functionality via the API as an enhancement.  **  Which will help us to update test automation execution results back in TM4J via TestRun Rest APIs.

  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Jul 6 2020
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